Wear Contacts? Remember These Tips When Hitting The Beach This Summer

If you wear contacts, you probably love being able to pop them in and enjoy improved vision all day long. Plus, if you are used to wearing contacts all the time, you might not even think about them when you're out and about. Unfortunately, this can cause problems at the beach, where the sand, sun and surf can all affect your contacts. Luckily, if you remember these tips, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

Switch to Prescription Sunglasses

Even though you might not normally like to wear eyeglasses, the truth is that the conditions at the beach can cause issues for your contacts. If sand gets in your eye, it can scratch your lenses or can irritate your eyes, and it can be harder to get the sand out when you're wearing lenses. Plus, swimming with your contacts is generally considered to be a bad idea. Putting on prescription sunglasses will allow you to shade your eyes from the sun and can allow you to still see well without your contacts. If you stop by your eye doctor's office or shop online, you should be able to find lots of trendy sunglasses styles that are perfect for wearing to the beach.

Keep Contacts Safe

When you take your contacts out at the beach, you'll want to keep them safe from sand and other contaminants. Store them with saline solution in a well-sealed contact case, and consider putting the case in a small plastic zip-top bag for added protection. Then, tuck them in your beach bag -- this will help shield them from the sun and help prevent them from getting too hot, and they'll be in a safe place where they won't accidentally wash out to sea.

Use Eye Drops Before Putting Contacts In

Spending the day out in the sun and surf can dry your eyes out, which can make them more prone to irritation when you put your contacts back in. Blink several times to make sure that there is no sand or other beach debris in your eyes, then apply contact lense-friendly eye drops to lubricate your eyes for maximum comfort when you put your lenses back in.

If you wear contacts, you shouldn't just forget about them when you're at the beach. Instead, remember these simple tips to help keep yourself and your contact lenses safe while you are enjoying the sand and surf throughout the warmer summer months.

For more information and tips, speak with an eye doctor at a local clinic like Bethany Vision Clinic