Ultimate Frisbee Players: Protect Your Eyes

Ultimate Frisbee is a two-team sport that combines the fast and furious movement of soccer with the aerial throwing skills of football. According to a report by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, more than 5.1 million people  in the United States played Ultimate Frisbee in 2012, and that number has been growing by the thousands each year.

Due to Ultimate Frisbee's fast action, flying discs and accidental collisions with teammates and opponents on the field, players need to pay attention to safety. One study that examined Ultimate Frisbee injuries found that out of 135 adult athletes who regularly played the sport over 7.5 years, 71 percent of them sought medical treatment for Ultimate Frisbee injuries. Their complaints ranged from blisters to head injuries. This article explores what you can do to protect your eyes while playing this sport.

Eye Injuries

Eye injuries from playing sports can include corneal abrasions, blunt trauma, swollen or detached retinas and even fracture of the eye socket. A severe eye injury can lead to permanent vision loss. You can significantly increase your odds of avoiding an eye injury by wearing proper eye protection. Some guidelines to finding the best eye protection for Ultimate Frisbee include:

  • If you wear prescription glasses, ask your optometrist for prescription sports glasses or goggles.
  • Even if you don't wear prescription glasses, you should have your eyes examined by an eye care professional. They can detect and correct any vision problems, thus improving your performance in the game and reducing your risk of getting injured due to less-than-stellar eyesight.
  • Protective eyewear for sports should have a label indicating that it's ASTM F803 approved. That shows that it's been tested for sports use and meets safety requirements aimed at preventing and reducing sports-related eye injuries.
  • For any eyewear that you use during Ultimate Frisbee, make sure the lenses don't pop out or if they do that they pop outward. Serious eye injuries can occur when lenses pop in toward the eyes on impact.
  • Fogging of lenses can decrease visibility and lead to injury-causing accidents. Look for protective eyewear with anti-fog coating or side vents to allow for airflow that prevents fogging.
  • Eye protection for Ultimate Frisbee should have cushioning along the brow and nose bridge. That way, in the event of an impact, the padding will keep the eyewear from cutting into the skin.

By properly protecting your peepers, you can enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee knowing that you're doing what's right to keep your vision safe. Check out the site for more information.