Times To See The Eye Doctor

You want to see your eye doctor for your routine eye exams. However, you may end up seeing them much more often depending on what your profession or your interests are as well as how your eyes respond over time. Here are some of the other times when you may want to get in to see the eye doctor: 

You get any foreign matter in your eye

You have to be careful not to get anything in your eyes, and this is why you should always make sure you use the proper safety goggles when you are working around anything that puts particles into the air. A few examples of times when you want to wear safety goggles include when you are painting, sanding, or grinding metal. If you get something in your eye, you want to use eyewash to remove any particles you can, and then go to see the eye doctor right away. You don't want to try to get the particles out with your finger because you can cause even more damage to your cornea. You also need to see the eye doctor if you get any chemicals in your eyes, but you should begin an eyewash immediately as well, to remove as much of the chemicals as you can until you can get to the eye doctor. 

You have pains in your eye

Your eyes shouldn't normally hurt, and if one or both of them are hurting, then this needs to be checked out right away. You can have something in your eye that is causing it to hurt, even if you haven't been in any situations that would knowingly put particles in the air. Even a piece of dust is capable of scratching your cornea, and this is why you don't want to ignore any pains in your eyes. There are other explanations for eye pain as well, such as having an eye infection, and any pains should be diagnosed and treated by the eye doctor. Ignoring something that's wrong with your eyes can put your eyesight at risk. 

Noticeable problems with your eyes

Any time you have changes and/or problems with your eyes, it warrants a trip to see your eye doctor. These changes can be as simple as eye fatigue, which can mean you've been having too much screen time but can also indicate the onset of other eye problems. These problems can also be as serious as an eye infection that causes your eyes to be red, itchy, and inflamed with discharge. Even light sensitivity is something you don't want to ignore, as well as blurriness.

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