How To Care For Your Eyeglasses

If you were just told that you need to get eyeglasses, chances are, you are going to be wearing them for a long time. Glasses can get pretty costly, so you want to be sure you take good care of them and get plenty of use out of them before you need to purchase a new pair. See below for helpful tips on how to care for your glasses.


Your glasses are going to get smudges, water spots, fingerprints and maybe even a few dog nose prints (if you have a dog that is). Even the most careful eyeglass wearer needs to have their glasses cleaned. Cleaning them helps ensure you are getting the best view possible out of your glasses. You can purchase some lens cleaner from your optometrist, or you can make your own at home. Simply purchase a small spray bottle, fill it with rubbing alcohol and add two to three drops of dish soap. Spritz the solution on your glasses when they need a good cleaning and wipe them dry with a microfiber cloth. Clean them daily to get rid of everyday dust and smudges.


Be sure to use the eyeglass case your glasses came in when storing your eyeglasses at night, or when not in use. Most eyeglass cases have a hard exterior, which will help prevent breaking your glasses. Storing your glasses properly will also help prevent scratches on your lenses. 


You can take your glasses back to your optometrist office for adjustments to your frames when needed, but your optometrist office may not always be near you when you need an adjustment. If you are careful, you can make the adjustments below to your frames.

  • Tightening The Arms.  If the arms of your frames are loose, invest in a small eyeglass frame toolkit. It has a small screwdriver that is perfect size for those small screws. Tighten until the arms are to the desired tightness. 
  • Adjusting The Nose Pads. For wire frames, these will be easier to adjust. Simply push the nose pads carefully together to tighten them, or away from each other to loosen them. For plastic frames, you will need to run your frames under warm water for about 30 seconds to make them more pliable. Then very carefully push the nose bridge portion of the glasses inwardly to tighten, or push the bridge out to loosen them.
  • Straightening Your Frames. If your lenses are higher or lower than one another, press down on the hinge and end of the arms to adjust them as needed.

Take good care of your eyeglasses, as it can extend the life of your frames and lenses. To learn more, speak with a business like Envision Eyecare.