Four Reasons Prescription Sunglasses Will Make Fun In The Sun Easier

You might think that you are fine without prescription sunglasses, but until you've tried them you might not know what you are missing. You might feel as if you have to choose between not wearing sunglasses and going with your normal glasses, or forgoing your prescription and wearing non-prescription sunglasses. You should actually be wearing prescription sunglasses to be safer, along with the added bonus of making your days in the sun more enjoyable. Here are four reasons having prescription sunglasses to complement your normal glasses is a good idea.

1. Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

You might not even realize it, but you might not be wearing sunglasses as often as you should be. You might see better without them, but you are exposing your eyes to UV rays. Keep your eyes healthy by always opting for prescription sunglasses when you're in the sun. 

2. Enjoying Outdoor Recreational Activities

If there are sports you do in the sun—such as kayaking, rock climbing and hiking—get more out of your recreational activities with prescription sunglasses. You'll be able to focus better and will be safer. While you can likely make do with only your regular glasses, you might be surprised to find prescription sunglasses will help you enjoy your outdoor activities that much more.

3. Sunglasses While Driving in the Sun

Having quick reaction time compounded with the glare of the sun can make driving a hard task. If you tend to just wear your normal glasses in the car even in sunshine, you could be putting yourself at risk. Having prescription sunglasses can help with all of the dangers one faces while driving and is a practical decision. Having the added protection of shading from the sun can save you from accidents while driving.

4. Sunglasses Come in Sturdier Styles than Glasses

If you try to get away with wearing your indoor glasses as much as possible when you are outside, you are setting yourself up to damage your indoor glasses. Sunglasses are usually made out of plastic and can be sturdier for outdoor activities than your normal glasses. Transitional glasses that darken in the sunlight are convenient, but usually come in styles that are deemed for indoors and aren't as sturdy as traditional sunglasses styles.

Prescription sunglasses aren't a frivolous purchase—they can be a necessity. If you spend quite a bit of time outdoors, having prescription sunglasses help you with everyday activities will keep you safer and open up the world around you. Talk with an optometrist, like Monroe Optical, Inc., for more information.